Access For All receives small grant, but needs more….

I recently visited the “Access For All” project in Prey Veng, Cambodia. It was lovely to return and see all my lovely friends in Cambodia. While I was there with visiting Rose USA supporters, Rachel Greene and Meredith Danburg-Ficarelli we were very excited to hear that the Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre’s (RCRC) proposal for Supplementary Capacity Development Assistance (SCDA) for exisiting DIAF network partners was successful. $6000 was received to:

1. Buy a Tuk Tuk to assist the group to carry out their work in the villages with Diasbility Awareness Campaigns;

2. Build a second bathroom with toilet for the women at the Prey Veng Supportive Home (22 women are currently sharing one bathroom block which is causing a traffic jam while they all get ready for school and university in the mornings!);

3. Further the small grants project which will support 5 more beneficiaries with training and equipment to be tailors, a vocation for those who have never been to school; and

4. Establish a Youth IT Centre at the Men’s Supportive Home who currently have to travel to the women’s Supportive Home to share Computer resources.

It is the Men’s Supportive Home which currently has no funding at all and relies heavily on small local donations to survive. While the Women’s Supportive Home feel in line with the Australian Red Cross’s Criteria for DIAF funding (which had to be focused on women with disabilities) we are yet to fund a funder that is appropriate to support the Men’s Home. The major purpose for the Access For All project is to provide a home in Prey Veng town which allows people with disabilities to live in close proximity to educational institutions – the 22 women and 11 men currently living at the homes are now living independently and are attending High School and University. The students have been given scholarships by Prime Minister Hun Sen but still need assistance with living costs. On average this really only equates to $400 per year per person, an extremely small amount by most western standards…

Please donate to this project through the following link, stating “Men’s Supportive Home” as the description,

Sarah Miller (Rose Charities Australia Director)

The boys chipping in to help to prepare for a party at the Supportive Homes

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