A school with no pencils…

A school with no pencils, paper, windows, text books, desks, electricity or water. This is Katalumba School (300 students) built by the community so their small children do not have to walk 1.5 hours to the next nearest school. This year we are fundraising to hopefully supply paper, pencils, and text books.

David (UN) writes ..”OK everyone, listen up. Development. It’s really all about education. And kids are where we start! Somewhere out there is the next Einstein, the next Nobel laureate, a future great leader, or simply a great kid hoping for the opportunity of a better education. Not a hand-out. An opportunity! Katalumba is a fee paying school built by the community to give their children that opportunity. We can help make it even better! This community has a population of 3000, though students from other neighborhoods attend this school as well. The employment rate is 3%.

For $1500 they could get text books, pencils and writing books for the kids. An additional $500 they could set up the teachers with some much needed teaching aids, and the children could have some extras like rulers, poster paints… Another $1000 could start a small library collection. If they could get more than that they would get windows with burglar bars, desks and a chair and table for the teachers. Down the road the school dreams of building more classrooms – grades 4 and up. When they can eventually upgrade the school to government standards, the government will then adopt the school! That opens many more doors!”

Malambo Grassroots

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