Zambia – Malambo scholarship program expands..

Our scholarship program continued in 2012..and it grew! We are really excited that we were able to start two new scholarships programs this year: one to assist orphaned and at risk children at St. Vincent’s in Monze, and the Chen Family Foundation Scholarship for underprivileged children to study music at the Ngoma Dolce Music Academy in Lusaka.

The process for determining each year’s scholarship recipients is long and detailed. Many hours are spent by the Malambo Grassroots volunteers, working with locals in Zambia, for the two student intake periods during the school year:  meet with all of the students, ensure they are meeting the criteria to keep their scholarship, and discuss their upcoming needs to ensure we are all working towards common goals. But the many hours put in are always worth the outcome! We’re pleased to say that we are now able to help students going to college and university after successfully completing all school levels to that point!

And, in conjunction with Mwabuka Zambia, our in-country partner, we organized the distribution of funds to about 70 students from Grade 8 to post-secondary education, and were also able to build housing for two teachers.

We’re also thrilled to have started a new relationship with Katulumba Elementary School in Siavonga, working with teachers to address their needs and ensure the right school supplies are provided. We look forward to developing our relationship with them!

2012 also saw the continuation of our community issues lectures. We funded a series of workshops for Grade 7 students on challenges experienced during adolescence. It was really well received and we hope to provide more of this series in the coming months.

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