K2K Program

K2K = Kid to kid 

Rose Charities is almost daily bombarded by direct and indirect requests from the poor to help poor kids and young people receive education.  Many of the worlds charities have become sidelined by clever schemes and programs, which may be very good (especially for publicity) but simply don’t address the basic need.  Enabling  kids to go to school.

‘Life is simple, people make it complicated’  (attributed to Confucius) 

Far more often than not there is a local school available. What prevents its use by many is simple poverty.  Kids long to go to school. They know what a wonderful thing it is.   What many kids in western countries take for granted, their counterparts can only yearn for.

A typical private school fee (UK) is $20,000 per  year.  Just  of these fees would send 400 children in Africa, Asia or elsewhere to primary school for the same year.   Conversely for a  0.5%  addition  (ie $100) to that fee, two parallel children could be sent to school in a developing country.  K2K is an links kids in this way

The K2K program pioneered by Rose Charities Sri Lanka, simply asks one child and/or their family in the UK or a rich country to spend that  0.5% more to send a parallel child to school in a developing country.

The program arose from a simple comment from a pupil at Whitgift School, UK  who, after visiting a small school in a war and tsunami ravaged area of extreme poverty simply suggested. ‘Why cant every kid just  help another somewhere else’ .  Not a revolutionary idea, but one which could be implemented small or large scale and targeting directly the need.

It not a complicated program. What is needed is simple, basic and without complicated (money absorbing ) administration costs .  To keep such administration fees close to  zero, donors do not get packages of information (though its there to be had if wanted) or complicated follows up (always the problem with one-on-one sponsorships).  Donations are simply made for one or more children to go to school.

Where is K2K happening

The main location for the K2K program at the moment is Sri Lanka, where it was founded and has been running now for several years. Despite the ending of the war, many areas remain severely marginalized with people living in abject poverty.

In recent months other Rose Charities, Zambia, Uganda, and Madagascar have also started similar programs. (education costs vary slightly in different countries).

How to donate to K2K.

To donate click here.  This will take you to the Rose Charities UK (Rose Rehab Trust )  Justgiving online donation page.   Please put ‘for K2K  in the space marked Note for Charity  (it comes at the end of the donation process)

Alternatively, send a UK cheque made out  to  Rose Charities UK,  10 Crownfields, Sevenoaks, Kent  TN13 1EF .  Please put ‘for K2K’ on the bottom so it goes to the right program.

Thank you.  This is one of the most cost-effective assistances you can give a child anywhere

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